When Neha Saxena took 12 HOURS to complete a single shot!

You heard that right..

And TV’s upcoming show Siddhi Vinayak is going to be all about a pair united through hatred. The lead roles will be essayed by Neha Saxena and Nitin Goswami and they seem to be giving their all to deliver a mind-blowing performance. Actress Neha Saxena is definitely going an extra mile as she recently took 12 whooping hours to complete a single shot.

A leading daily reported that her introductory sequence is a dance routine and it took up practically her whole shift to shoot. We hear she had to perform within a fire circle and the whole crew had to go through with a grueling schedule of shooting for the routine.

The actress’s jewelry started reacting to the heat and yet she endured the long tussle to get the end result.

Impressive, isn’t it?